With a total area of over 280.000 m² and 60.000 m² of covered buildings (including offices headquarters and workshops), Belleli Energy CPE owns one of the best equipped and referenced manufacturing facility to satisfy its clients requests.

The combination of large spaces, big-size manufacturing and very favorable global shipping conditions enables Belleli to satisfy all kind of requests for sophisticated process equipment of any size and weight.



header-sezione-con-river-connectionsBelleli Energy CPE is equipped with a suitable water front connection, consisting in a private harbour with dimensions of 120 m width x 1200 m length, served by a river barge having a nominal loading capacity of 1,500 Tons.

The harbour is equipped with:

  • 78 m long loading quay
  • 78 m long roll-on quay
  • 2 derrick cranes, both systems permit to load components up to 1,500 tons.

The harbour is connected by channels and Po river to Porto Marghera (Venice).