Our History

Factory aereal view

Factory aereal view

Belleli’s legacy sets his roots in 1947. The company never settled until it reached a market leading position, always aiming for the highest reliability and quality with a firm focus on technology. During the late 20th century, it became a reliable provider of specialist EPC services and critical process equipment, developing a strong global customer base and producing a wide array of high quality components and projects.

Belleli specialized its production towards Gas Monetization, Oil & Gas Downstream, Nuclear and Power Generation. Since 1970 it took part in several ambitious projects, including the Superphénix nuclear plant, Iter Nuclear Fusion Project, San Siro and Olympic stadium, CIRA Wind Tunnel and numerous Offshore Platform for oil extraction.

Belleli’s tendency to innovation leads to the successful production of a Radiant Syngas Cooler for GE’s Tampa Electric IGCC plant in 1993 and the production of a second Radiant Syngas Cooler in 2007.

Our R&D department developed a wide array of solutions, from an innovative Internal Bore Welding  with a unique dedicated ultrasound weld check to a very refined Narrow Gap technology, used in the manufacturing of the ITER Tokamak’s Coil Case.

In 1986 Belleli patented and produced its first Breech-Lock Heat Exchanger, with more than 200 overall Breech-Lock produced so far and a grand-total of 800 High Pressure Heat Exchangers.

One of the first to use Vanadium modified Cr-Mo steel, over the course of 20 years Belleli counts more than 60 Vanadium modified reactors and 120 total reactors produced and delivered, up to 1500 tons of weight. In addition to the production of reactors, Belleli took part in an European research project on the addition of Vanadium to Chromium Steel in 1992, pioneering a tendency that is now established in the High Pressure Vessel manufacturing.