Our Quality Policy aims to provide products and services that fully satisfy customers and regulatory requirements. Belleli Energy CPE Quality Program focuses on continuous improvement of its key processes which are constantly monitored in order to achieve operational excellence.

Double pass welding test sampe

Double pass welding test sampe

In more than 70 years of business in the worldwide market, Belleli has created and consolidated its reputation to provide high quality products and services. In the 70’s the first Quality System for nuclear manufacturing was introduced. Today this system has been certified by ASME. As a result, Belleli Energy CPE is qualified and certified as an ASME N Stamp Holder.

The Belleli Energy CPE Quality Management System complies with the ISO – 9001 Standard, ASME Code Section VIII Div.1 & VIII Div.2 and also satisfies the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC, Chinese and Russian Regulations. The company is periodically and successfully assessed by ASME, Det Norske Veritas, TUV, Chinese and Russian Delegations. As a result, the numerous certifications awarded by our company are listed below:

  • ISO 9001
  • ASME STAMPS For Nuclear Pressure Vessels: N, NPT, NS
  • GOST – Pressure Vessel Certificate
  • GOST – Heat Exchanger Certificate
  • Manifacture Licenze of Special Equipment – People/s Republic of China