To serve our clients with custom made and technology advanced solutions with a firm commitment to Safety, Quality and Prosperity of our Engineers and Workmanship.
We believe in investing our best effort to fully satisfy our Client’s demand.


Safety is a primary value in the execution of all our activities. Belleli Energy Critical Process Equipment is always committed to the development of the Company Safety Culture to shape the equipment around workers’ health.


Quality is the essence of our work. The company policy ensures the continuous improvement of high quality standards to satisfy hi-tech requirements in the design and fabrication of critical process equipment.


We favour the constant grow of our personnel skills in order to satisfy Client’s needs with new and innovative technological solutions developed by our company talents.

Our History

Belleli’s legacy sets his roots in 1947. The company never settled until it reached a market leading position, always aiming for the highest reliability and quality with a firm focus on technology. During the late 20th century, it became a reliable provider of specialist EPC services and critical process equipment, developing a strong global customer base and producing a wide array of high-quality and high-complexity components and projects.

Belleli in its decades of History specialized its production towards Gas Monetization, Oil & Gas, Nuclear and Power Generation and in several cases critical steel structures. Since 1970 it took part in several ambitious projects, including the Superphénix nuclear plant, Iter Nuclear Fusion Project, San Siro and Rome Olympic stadium, CIRA Wind Tunnel and numerous Offshore Platform for oil extraction.

Belleli’s tendency to innovation leads to the successful production of a Radiant Syngas Cooler for GE’s Tampa Electric IGCC plant in 1993 and the production of a second Radiant Syngas Cooler in 2007.

Our R&D department developed a wide array of solutions, from an innovative Internal Bore Welding with a unique dedicated ultrasound weld check to a very refined Narrow Gap technology, used in the manufacturing of the ITER Tokamak’s Coil Case.

In 1986 Belleli patented and produced its first Breech-Lock Heat Exchanger, with more than 200 overall Breech-Lock produced so far and a grand-total of 800 High Pressure Heat Exchangers.

Belleli took part in an European research project on the addition of Vanadium to Chromium Steel in 1992, pioneering a tendency that is now established in the High Pressure Vessel manufacturing.”

One of the first to use Vanadium modified Cr-Mo steel, over the course of 20 years Belleli counts more than 75 Vanadium modified reactors and 120 total reactors produced and delivered, up to 1800 tons of weight. In addition to the production of reactors.

Same focus on innovative Mechanical Engineering solutions has been implemented in the most recent developments of UREA Reactors design jointly with key Technology Licensors.


Foundation Date

Foundation Date

All Italian train stations were gutted from Allied bombing, aimed to stop German army retrat.
Verona was completely destroyed from the bombing and a rebuilding was needed. Belleli won its first big contract with the full erection of the sanitary for Verona Porta Nuova train station.


First Equipment for Oil&Gas Industry

First Equipment for Oil&Gas Industry

The construction of the first pressurized storage tanks required both the choice of material, the thickness calculation and ANCC tests (Associazione Nazionale Controllo Combustione).


First Heat Exchanger

First Heat Exchanger

This small floating head heat exchanger was some of the most sought items for Oil&Gas and petrochemical industry (close neighbourgh of Mantova’s Belleli plant).


First LPG Storage Tank

First LPG Storage Tank

Tank for LPG storage delivered at Mantova ICIP refinery (currently called IES).


First Heat Exchanger Built with tube to tube sheet Internal Bor welding technique

First Heat Exchanger Built with tube to tube sheet Internal Bor welding technique

Machining shop during a tubesheet boring. The tubesheet had to be installed as a reactor internals.


Construction of Internal Harbour’s Crane

Construction of Internal Harbour’s Crane

Due to the increasingly high dimensions of the products and worldwide demand, Belleli’s engineers designed and built a crane system to load river barges, becoming able to ship heavier equipment from Mincio/Po river to Porto Marghera international seaport.


First Ammonia Equipment

First Ammonia Equipment

The ever-growing use of alloyed steel for reactors construction required the installation of a special furnace for considerably high dimensions equipment post weld heat treatment.


Partecipation in SuperPhenix Nuclear Power Station (France)

Partecipation in SuperPhenix Nuclear Power Station (France)

First Methanol Equipment

First Methanol Equipment

First Breech Lock Heat Exchanger

First Breech Lock Heat Exchanger

First Urea Equipment

First Urea Equipment

Patent for Breech Lock Heat Exchangers internal clanging assembly

Patent for Breech Lock Heat Exchangers internal clanging assembly

First Ethylene Oxide Reactor

First Ethylene Oxide Reactor

First Heat Exchanger with Titanium Material

First Heat Exchanger with Titanium Material

Construction First Radyant Syngas Cooler for tamnpa IGCC Plant

Construction First Radyant Syngas Cooler for tamnpa IGCC Plant



Extensive Treil test to demostrate the manufacturing feasibility of the Foroidel field Coil and Radial Plate


First Cr-Mo Reactor Vanadium modified

First Cr-Mo Reactor Vanadium modified

Partecipation to Virgo project

Partecipation to Virgo project

Cooperation with General Blooting for the design optimization of Radyant Syngas Cooler for Coal Gasification Project

Cooperation with General Blooting for the design optimization of Radyant Syngas Cooler for Coal Gasification Project

First Nuclear ASME Stamp

First Nuclear ASME Stamp

Construction Duke Energy_Indiana USA Radyant Syngas Cooler for Coal Gasification

Construction Duke Energy_Indiana USA Radyant Syngas Cooler for Coal Gasification

Research for the developemnt of a new welding technology for Heavy Well reactors-Monoweld

Research for the developemnt of a new welding technology for Heavy Well reactors-Monoweld

Fusion for Energy-ITER project-Fabrication of Vacuom Vassel

Fusion for Energy-ITER project-Fabrication of Vacuom Vassel

Our Quality Policy aims to provide products and services that fully satisfy customers and regulatory requirements.

Belleli Energy CPE Quality Program focuses on continuous improvement of its key processes which are constantly monitored in order to achieve operational excellence.

In more than 70 years of business in the worldwide market, Belleli has created and consolidated its reputation to provide high quality products and services. In the 70’s the first Quality System for nuclear manufacturing was introduced. Today this system has been certified by ASME. As a result, Belleli Energy CPE is qualified and certified as an ASME N Stamp Holder.

The Belleli Energy CPE Quality Management System complies with the ISO – 9001 Standard, ASME Code Section VIII Div.1 & VIII Div.2 and also satisfies the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC, Chinese and Russian Regulations. The company is periodically and successfully assessed by ASME, Det Norske Veritas, TUV, Chinese and Russian Delegations. As a result, the numerous certifications awarded by our company are listed below.



The Management of Belleli Energy CPE is committed to provide high quality products that fully comply with regulatory and contractual requirements. Belleli Energy CPE seeks a high standard of performance and aims to maintain a long-term position in its competitive environment.

It is Belleli Energy CPE objective to supply products that, in the range of Pressure Equipment, represent the Critical Process applications: products are manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies, design and fabrication practices, and are built to the most demanding specifications. To meet the above the following are continually pursued:

    • communicate to the organization the importance of meeting and anticipating customer, statutory and regulatory requirements;
    • develop a clearly defined organization structure including description of responsibilities, authority and communication lines;
    • conducting management reviews to ascertain the QMS is suitable and periodically reviewed , resources assigned are adequate and personnel competent;
    • promote a quality culture highlighting the fact that the achievement of required quality is a responsibility of all employees;
    • monitor and audit the performance of the processes which affect the quality of products and take the necessary corrective actions in case the planned results are not achieved;
    • implement all actions throughout the organization for continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system;
    • include the information coming from customers to measure the adequacy of the QMS and for its improvement;
    • identify the need and promote new investments for technological improvements;
    • promote and implement specific training for personnel performing activities affecting quality;
    • implement and promote a risk-based thinking approach at all organizational levels.

The Chief Executive Officer assigned to the Quality & Welding Engineering Manager the responsibility and authority to define, monitor, evaluate and coordinate the Quality Management System Processes.

It is recognized that attainment of a satisfactory quality level is the responsibility of those who have been assigned the work, and that this cannot be considered a task restricted to the Quality Assurance or Quality Control personnel.

In case the solution of quality problems cannot be solved by the Quality Manager, through the organizational structure, then they shall be reported to the Chief Executive Officer.

Belleli is able to carry out by using its personnel and equipment. All examinations and technological destructive tests are performed in our internal laboratory equipped to fullfill ISO 17025 requirements, within ISO 9001.

The Factory

With a total area of over 280.000 m² and 60.000 m² of covered buildings (including offices headquarters and workshops), Belleli Energy CPE owns one of the best equipped and referenced manufacturing facility to satisfy its clients requests.

Belleli Energy CPE is equipped with a suitable water front connection, consisting in a private harbour with dimensions of 120 m width x 1200 m length, served by a river barge having a nominal loading capacity of 1,500 Tons.

The harbour is equipped with:

  • 78 m long loading quay
  • 78 m long roll-on quay
  • 2 derrick cranes, both systems permit to load components up to 1,500 tons.

The harbour is connected by channels and Po river to Porto Marghera (Venice).

Our Team

PAOLO FEDELI – Chief Executive Officer

Born in 1975 in Rome, Paolo graduated in Chemical Engineering from “La Sapienza” University.

He started his career in ELF Aquitaine as Junior Plant Engineer back in 1997, then in Technip KTI (Process Design & Commissioning Manager) and later in Tecnicas Reunidas S.A., initially as Business Development and Proposal Director and then as Major Projects Director.

He then joined Techint E&C covering the position of Senior VP Commercial, before moving to McKinsey & Co. as Senior Advisor for Capital Investments and EPC Contracting for major international Oil Companies.

For JSC Gazprom-Neft he served as Project Sponsor for Capital Investments Directorate Downstream, managing Megaprojects in Russian Federation.
In 2016, after the acquisition of Belleli Energy CPE by Tosto Holding, Paolo became CEO of the company and since then he is also Executive Project Sponsor for ITER Vacuum Vessel fabrication project (Nuclear Fusion).

He is a Member of Italian Council of Professional Engineers.

Over the years, he has published several Papers in International Process Engineering Literature.

PIERFELICE LUCA – Chief Financial Officer

Born in 1975 he got his bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business from University “G. D’Annunzio” of Pescara – Chieti where he has been a researcher in Public Law from 1999 to 2000.

In 2001 he was hired as Auditor and Accounting Organizer at Grant Thornton Consulting Group, Milano.

From 2002 he joined Walter Tosto Spa as Management Controller.

In 2004 he obtained the Qualification to practice the profession of accountant and worked as Strategy Manager in Walter Tosto until 2007.  Later on, he was appointed as Chief Financial Officer of the company. 

He became CFO of the companies of the Tosto Group, Walter Tosto WTB (2013) and Belleli Energy CPE (2016) as well.

GIACOMO FOSSATARO – General Manager (Technical and Operational Manager)

Born in 1966, has a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano.

Employed by Walter Tosto SpA since 1993, he worked as Head of Technical Department and  Assembly Activities Manager until 1997. One year later he was appointed as Technical and Operation Director in the same company.

From 2016 he is the General Manager of Belleli where he has the main responsibility of the management of operation activities, ensuring the full compliance to contractual obligations, referring to quality standards, purchasing issues and safety of the products.

FAUSTO FUSARI is Vice President Technology.

Fausto after a Master in Welding Engineering began his career as Welding Engineer at Belleli in 1985 and was appointed Welding Engineering Manager in 1989.

He has then served as Workshop Manager acquiring further experience on the fabrication technology of critical pressure equipment.

He dedicates great contributions on the development of New material and Welding /Fabrication Technology in the field of Critical pressure Vessels.

Among others he was involved within several Researches and Reports with Published Work, with an active participation in the API committees and in direct contact with the major Licensees.

NICOLA MAESTRI – Production Director

Born in 1976, got bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering at Alma Mater Studiorum Bologna University in 2003.

Employed by Belleli Energy since 2004, he worked in QC and fabrication and then became responsible for QA & Welding Engineering Dept. up to 2014.

Italian Institute of Welding certifies him as International Welding Engineer and NDE Level 3 in 2007 and 2008, respectively.

From 2014 to 2016 worked at DANIELI & C., as Corporate NDE Lev 3 and QA Manager.

From 2017 he is Production Director for Mantova Plant of Belleli Energy CPE.

MARIUS ANGELESCU is Commercial Director and Vice President for Commercial and Contracts Management.

Born in 1965, Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1990.

Start Working as Project Specialist Engineer in Snamprogetti SpA, Engineering Offshore Division (UK and Italy) involved in Projects in North Sea (Norway) and Mediterranean Sea.

From 1996 joined Consolidated Contractors Company Group for E&P Division in Milan (Sicon Oil) and took the position of Project Manager, than Proposal Manager and Business Development. Involved in Worldwide Projects in particular Middle East countries.

In 2006 joined Bonatti SpA as Deputy Director of EPC Division (Middle East and North Africa), than Pipelines and Networks Division (Div. covering Worldwide Projects) assigned also as Project Director and Company Sponsor with main Clients on strategic projects.

He joined Belleli Engineering CPE in 2018, as Commercial Director and Vice President for Commercial and Contracts Management.

SALVATORE PODDIGHE – Vice President Engineering and Projects Management

Born in 1965 in Brescia, Salvatore graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Brescia University in 1990, starting its career in 1991 at ATB Riva Calzoni as Pressure Vessel Sale Engineer.

He worked for 29 years until February 2020 for ATB, covering various positions as Head of Pressure Vessels Business Unit, Oil & Gas Commercial Director, and Operations General Manager of Heavy Equipment Division.

He has recently joined Belleli Engineering CPE in May 2020, as Vice President for Engineering and Projects Management.

Over the years, Salvatore has been actively involved with Institutions, Process Licensors, Main Material suppliers, End Users and EPC Contractors to develop an up to date technology for heavy wall pressure equipment manufacturing.

GIULIO TIRAMANI – VP HSE and Procurement Director.

Born in 1957, he graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the Milan Polytechnic.

Until the end of the 1990s, he was in charge of managing contracts in the plant / components sector of Belleli S.p.A.

Subsequently he moved to Fantuzzi Reggiane where he followed, initially as Project Manager and later as Project Manager, both desalination plants and orders for the construction of port cranes.

Since 2012 he is Procurement Director of Belleli Energy CPE.