Phillips 66 visited Belleli Energy CPE premises

The project team of the US based company “Phillips 66 “ visited the workshop of Belleli Energy CPE on Wednesday September, 18th 2019.

The visit has been scheduled in connection with the award by Belleli Energy CPE of a contract for the construction of one Hydrotreating reactor to be installed at “Wood River” refinery located in St. Louis (Illinois).

Phillips 66 is one of the major oil refining company in the US. It owns and manages directly 13 refineries worldwide (11 only in the US).

Phillips 66 project team members expressed their appreciation to Belleli Energy CPE quality system and welding technology which have been the key factors for the award of the project.

The reactor weight after fabrication will be about 1450 ton and it will be fabricated by adopting the innovative technology called MONOWELD which has been developed and patented by Belleli Energy CPE for the fabrication of Critical Process Equipment.