Belleli participates at FCTM-ESOPE 2021 conference

Belleli Energy CPE participated at FCTM-ESOPE 2021 international conference, one of the most important international events dedicated to the pressure equipment industry, that was held in Paris on 6 and 7 October 2021. Stefano Alberini, Belleli’s Welding Engineer, presented a research conducted in collaboration with the European partners Arcelor Mittal France and Voestalpine Böhler Welding, concerning the characterization of the material P91 (9% Chromium 1% Molybdenum 0.25% Vanadium). Due to its resistance to high temperatures, this material can find application in the green economy sector, in particular in waste materials recycling.

Belleli Energy CPE, in line with the philosophy of the Tosto Group, always aims to be at the forefront in the research for the development of innovative processes and materials, increasing the company’s know-how and bringing its own contribution to support the European production system in the global competition.

Ninth edition of the Welding Course

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Electron Beam Machine innovative project to reach the operational phase

Belleli Energy CPE is a partner of the “Electron Beam Machine” (EBM) industrial research project together with the companies Walter Tosto, Di Zio Inoxa and the University of Viterbo.

Launched in 2017, the EBM Project consists in the development of an innovative system for electron beam processing, a process in which high-speed electrons are concentrated in a thin beam to be directed towards the workpiece, generating the heat that vaporises the material. Depending on the intensity and focus of the beam, the tool can be used for different processes such as welding, cutting and surface treatment of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Compared to other thermal cutting processes, this technology allows to obtain a better surface finish and a reduced cutting width.

Concerning the welding process, EBM guarantees a very low heat-affected zone and is distinguished by the purity of the welded joint, minimum deformation and speed of execution. Today, the use of EBM is increasingly widespread, however the only efficient and sufficiently versatile plants suitable for large components are located in Germany, where the difficulty of access, higher costs and execution times make its use incompatible with the market demands.

The innovative machinery, whose construction was completed at the end of 2020, is located in Chieti (Italy) and will have application in the Automotive, Aeronautics, Aerospace, Nuclear, Oil & Gas and Research technology domains.

Thanks to the consolidated know-how in the field, for the development of this project Belleli Energy CPE contributed from 2017 to 2018 to the research activity, a preparatory phase for the correct development of the prototype machine development phase.

From August to September 2019, the company supported Walter Tosto for the conclusion of the latest research activities relating to the definition of the production scope.

In October 2019 the development phase began. At this stage Belleli was responsible for the design and construction of the vacuum system necessary to lower the pressure inside the processing chamber (the thin atmosphere facilitates the passage of electrons to the target).

After the installation, commissioning of the system and welding tests, in June 2021 Belleli’s staff took part in the training activities of the technicians who will be involved in the working phase.

Once in operation, the machinery will guarantee significant functional advantages as well as growth and development of the national industrial sector.



POR FESR Abruzzo 2014-2020  

Linea di azione 1.1.1: “Sostegno a progetti di ricerca delle imprese che prevedano l’impiego di ricercatori presso le imprese stesse”.

Linea di azione 1.1.4: “Sostegno alle attività collaborative di R&S per lo sviluppo di nuove tecnologie sostenibili, di nuovi prodotti e servizi”.

Official delivery of the new 𝗔𝗦𝗠𝗘 𝗤𝗣𝗦 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟭 standard

Mantua, Italy. Giancarlo Gobbi – ASME Liason Europe & Middle East – delivered the new QPS standard “Quality Program for Suppliers: General Industry” to Giacomo Fossataro, Vice President Operations of Belleli Energy CPE and Walter Tosto S.p.A.

This standard provides the essential requirements of a quality program verified and certified by ASME (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers) for the production of products and services used in the supply chain of the general commercial and industrial sectors. The companies of the Tosto Group, Belleli Energy CPE and Walter Tosto, which already own ASME certificates for the fabrication of components for pressure vessels for both conventional and nuclear plants, consider this new QPS standard an effective control tool for their Supply Chain for the supply of materials and services. After all, the guarantee of the ASME certification and brand are globally recognized intangible values.

Belleli's commitment to young people

Since 2017 Belleli Energy CPE, aware of how important it is to invest in the training of young people, has decided to activate a permanent collaboration with some Italian high schools and has started organizing internships in the company by joining the training courses established by the Ministry of Education.

This year we had the pleasure of hosting ten students aged 16 and 17 from the “Enrico Fermi” Technical Institute in Mantua.
For three weeks the boys and girls were placed in the various production departments and in the offices of the company where, together with their tutors, they were able to start putting into practice what they study at school.

After the forced break in 2020, it was nice to have the opportunity again to rediscover the curiosity and passion in the eyes of young people who are committed to their future with determination and responsibility.

Belleli Energy CPE is pleased to carry out a project that brings the youth of our territory closer to the world of work and welcomes them in a company with an international dimension.

Currently there are eight people who are permanently part of our staff and who remember having known the company by participating in an internship, when they were still at school. This fills us with pride.

Delivery of the equipment to be installed at the Shell Scotford Refinery located in Alberta, Canada

On April 22nd  2021, Belleli completed at Marghera Port, Italy the delivery of the equipment to be installed at the Shell Scotford Refinery located in Alberta, Canada.

The set of items, 1nr Shift Reactor and 6nr Heat Exchangers, were fabricated in Mantova, Italy and will be required for major turnaround activities planned for Q3-2021 to replace existing units that exhausted their planned life cycle and required a thorough design review to comply with the latest engineering standards and up to date material requirements.

The equipment after a fabrication time of 16months will be transported across the Atlantic ocean, to the port of Houston Tx, where they will be then trucked to the Shell Scotford Manufacturing Complex after an 8 weeks multimodal transit.

Belleli confirms its strategical position as a manufacturing world leader to support major oil, refinery and petrochemical players for the supply of of critical process equipment for new and existing process units.

Reactors for the Bayernoil Refinery

10 months!
On May 11, 2021, Belleli delivered 2nr HDT reactors for the Bayernoil Refinery in Neustadt, Germany. The hydroprocessing reactors, with CrMoV materials and a shipping weight respectively of 600 and 660 tons, were supplied in 10 months from award including material purchasing, as part of a specially conceived Project Execution Methodology agreed with our client and Fluor in the role of owner’s engineering and contracting firm.
Fabrication involved Mantova and Ortona workshops and will be shipped from the Marghera port via Rotterdam and inland Rhine-Main-Danube Canal up to Neustadt in the State of Bavaria, Southern Germany.
Once again our team managed the complexity in current pandemic times to deliver a set of critical equipment, 4 weeks ahead of schedule!
A tremendously successful project that has generated value and pride to all stakeholders and sets a new benchmark for this market.

Una nuova generazione di ingegneri per il futuro di Belleli

Nuova tappa per i Giovani Ingegneri che hanno superato il Corso di Alta Formazione in Caldareria svolto in Cooperazione Tra Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia e Belleli. Dopo sei mesi di lavoro in aula a Mantova, i nostri Venti giovani e promettenti colleghi sono stati inseriti nei vari dipartimenti aziendali e di Gruppo. Accompagnati dai loro tutor, metteranno in pratica e approfondiranno le conoscenze teoriche ed applicative acquisite contribuendo soprattutto alle aree di ricerca e sviluppo, economia circolare, progettazione, controllo qualità e gestione dei processi produttivi. Mai come ora ci sentiamo orgogliosi di Investire sul futuro, mai come ora ci sentiamo di dire che il loro talento e la loro voglia di sacrificio potrà offrire alla nostra Azienda i Leader del futuro.