Colorado Springs, USA. On April 3-6, 2023, the Tosto Group companies, Belleli Energy CPE and Walter Tosto, participated at the conference Nastem 2023 (North American Stamicarbon Exchange Meeting) organized by Stamicarbon (Maire Tecnimont Group), a leading company in the production process of urea fertilizers. The major customers for this type of plant in North America attended the event. Fausto Fusari – Vp R&D of Belleli – presented a paper to share the company’s experience in the design and construction of the first Pool Reactor Ultra Low Energy (ULE) design for the production of Urea fertilizers based on the Stamicarbon licence. The equipment, never built before, is characterized by very low energy consumption and it is destined for the Chinese market. The audience showed great appreciation for the significant and complex design activity performed and for the related fabrication. In particular, the complexity of the project, the criticality of the materials involved together with the considerable size of the component have raised remarkable interest among the experts.