Belleli Energy CPE has been honored to host the third day of the “Forging Course” organized by AIM (Italian Metallurgy association) under the patronage of AIPE (Italian Association Pressure Equipment).

The course has been focused on the use of forgings in the Oil & Gas industry and has been moderated by Mr. Gabriele Rampinini from the forging company “Forgiatura Vienna”.

The CEO of Belleli Energy CPE Mr. Paolo Fedeli opened the day with a welcoming speech in which he underlined the importance of the work of the two associations AIM and AIPE. He also highlighted the synergies between the members of the associations in order to enhance the already consolidated experiences in the respective fields of application.

Mr. Massimiliano Tacconelli, Nuclear Program Manager of Walter Tosto SPA, presented a study on “Technical specification converted to requirements to Forging Master. Differences between the Oil and Gas and Nuclear Sectors approaches”.

Mr. Fausto Fusari, VP Technology of Belleli Energy CPE, presented a paper on “Differences between laminated products and forged component. Comparisons on qualitative components (isotropy). Limits of use of steel plates in the manufacturing due to bending problems and to the costs/risks of welding in relation to the material”.

Moreover, a shop tour was organized in which the course’s members had the opportunity to witness to the innovative welding technology adopted by Belleli Energy CPE in the manufacturing of critical process equipment. The participants were very interested in the manufacturing processes and addressed several questions to Belleli’s production team managers.

The day concluded with a discussion round table to talk about some stringent requirements by the end user which are difficult to comply with and the relevant responsibility aspects on the product’s quality versus the end user.