The current emergency situation related to COVID19, globally and particularly in Europe, is presenting a tremendous challenge for our society and Economical system. At the same time the reply of a modern and resilient company is not to abandon the stage, capability to work and progress is in these difficult moments the only asset that allow our community to look ahead to future with faith and full trust in its own means.

We are proud to say that Belleli, implementing extraordinary measures in the HSE sphere applicable for Clients and Staff, is capable to continue its operations and move ahead with its Critical Process Equipment design and fabrication in Big Science, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Nuclear, Gas Processing, Chemicals, Fertilizers and Refining.

Abiding all the law requirements there is still a lot of room to serve to the highest standards and satisfaction all our strategic Clients worldwide.

We are ready for the next, world class, efficient Critical Equipment with the competence, passion and proudness of the Italian people who love their work.

Paolo Fedeli
Chief Executive Officer