Since 2017 Belleli Energy CPE, aware of how important it is to invest in the training of young people, has decided to activate a permanent collaboration with some Italian high schools and has started organizing internships in the company by joining the training courses established by the Ministry of Education.

This year we had the pleasure of hosting ten students aged 16 and 17 from the “Enrico Fermi” Technical Institute in Mantua.
For three weeks the boys and girls were placed in the various production departments and in the offices of the company where, together with their tutors, they were able to start putting into practice what they study at school.

After the forced break in 2020, it was nice to have the opportunity again to rediscover the curiosity and passion in the eyes of young people who are committed to their future with determination and responsibility.

Belleli Energy CPE is pleased to carry out a project that brings the youth of our territory closer to the world of work and welcomes them in a company with an international dimension.

Currently there are eight people who are permanently part of our staff and who remember having known the company by participating in an internship, when they were still at school. This fills us with pride.