Mantua, Italy. Giancarlo Gobbi – ASME Liason Europe & Middle East – delivered the new QPS standard “Quality Program for Suppliers: General Industry” to Giacomo Fossataro, Vice President Operations of Belleli Energy CPE and Walter Tosto S.p.A.

This standard provides the essential requirements of a quality program verified and certified by ASME (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers) for the production of products and services used in the supply chain of the general commercial and industrial sectors. The companies of the Tosto Group, Belleli Energy CPE and Walter Tosto, which already own ASME certificates for the fabrication of components for pressure vessels for both conventional and nuclear plants, consider this new QPS standard an effective control tool for their Supply Chain for the supply of materials and services. After all, the guarantee of the ASME certification and brand are globally recognized intangible values.